Saturday, January 22, 2005

York University and attack on Students!!!

I still cant believe what happened on Thursday, I came out of my class around 2 PM and I noticed this helicopter flying just above Vari hall which is the main hall of our university, every body was asking why is this helicopter here? then there was so many Police cars around the main square, I went home, but a few hours later I got a phone call from one of my Jewish friends on School- he is a leftist Jewish student- informing me that about 20 students were standing in Vari hall-which is designed for student gatherings- to protest Bush's inauguration, suddenly the paranoid university security calls the city police and here are dozens of police man and even a police helicopter to stop!!!! 30 students who were peacefully protesting!!!!!! They apparently attack the students and arrest five of the students, I was shocked and now we have video clips of what happened, which is more shocking to watch..Here is one. This is a real shame for York's administration, really really shameful, On Friday, around 1000 students gathered in Vari Hall and protested this vicious act, Here are some pics.
By the way , here is the web site that has more clips on it.