Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Pressure works..

Events in the recent weeks proved one thing to all Iranians in general and activists in particular, if we get together and apply constant pressure in an organized effort, it WILL work. First came the National Geographic case and how we convinced them to use Persian Gulf only, in their on line maps, And the more important achievement-which I kind of predicted from what I had heard in the last post- in the case of Iranian journalists and bloggers and how the head of Judiciary today-after a meeting with 4 of the victims and hearing their horrifying story-ordered their case to be removed from Mortazavi's jurisdiction and also an investigation is lunched to punish those responsible for the tortures. Now we all know that doesn't mean Mortazavi is immediately losing his job or is ever going to face trial, but at least they acknowledged that these methods exist and consequently they might stop these sever violations of huam rights, at least for a while. This also shows that top officials have realized how damaging such behaviors are in 21 century. Abtahi and 8 brave young journalists and blogger who risked their well being and told their story and all of those who did their part in informing the public shall get the credit for this victory.