Friday, January 21, 2005

Iran is no Iraq,

So Bush started his second term with threatening words which had the cover of "freedom", and of course Hersh's article, Cheney's comments and Rice's answers in confirmation hearing has only made us more confident that the madness is very powerful in top neo-conservatives civilian leadership of Pentagon. This is basically the worse case scenario, this dangerous policy is a great gift for the right wing Mullahs-Clerics- in Tehran, now no one, including people who strongly oppose this regime-a vast majority of Iranians- and those who have directly paid high price for their peaceful opposition and demanded reform in the last 7-8 years, including my self with 63 days of prison in a tiny cell in age of 21, all will forget about the atrocities of this regime and automatically have to focus on our homeland's safety and defend our sovereignty and territorial integrity. Remember that most of us, not only oppose the regime, especially the fundamentalist fraction of it, but we also are against wasting our money on nuclear power plants, let alone Nuclear weapons. SO great Job Bushy, u are pushing all of us in the direction of supporting the Mullahs that we hate so much and we would love to see replaced by a secular, democratic republic. But we like to do it gradually and with our own hands, we don't need your fake freedom, we don't want bombs to deliver democracy! Remember Iran is no Iraq.