Thursday, January 06, 2005

Prosecute the Prosecutor

I think it might be a good idea to post this sentence on our weblogs all over the blogspot both in Persian and English and create a buzz, what do u think?
ما از نهادهاي جهاني حقوق بشر مي خواهيم حکومت ايران را براي محاکحه مرتضوي به اتهام قتل زهرا کاظمي؛ دستگيري و شکنجه ده ها روزنامه نگار؛ فعال سياسي و آخرين اقدام وي در تهديد به مرگ وبلاگ نويسان و جوانان شکنجه شده؛ تحت فشار بگزارند
We Iranian web loggers demand that the international community and human rights organizations pressure the government of Iran to remove the prosecutor of Tehran district, Said Mortazavi,for his crimes and constant violation of human rights and prosecute him in a court of law for the accusations such as involvement in the murder of, Zahra Kazemi, Canadian-Iranian photo journalist, arresting and torturing journalists and political activists and his recent criminal act of threatening the tortured web loggers for their bravery in disclosing the details of time in prison and the tortures they went through.