Tuesday, January 04, 2005

I like this guy..

Mr. Abtahi, the first cleric to ever have a weblog, as a former member of the reformist cabinet, revealed even more details of what the web loggers had gone through in their time in jail in the last 3-4 month in his weblog. He had already angered the famous murderer Mortazavi, the prosecutor general of Tehran, in the first round of publishing what the victims had told president's inquiry team, now after the first meeting with 4 of the web loggers and its content being published on Abtahi's blog, the prosecutor calls the head of this team and expresses his anger over the first report, he also asked the investigation committee to talk to some other web loggers that previously had denied any bad behavior in jail so the report to president would be balance!!!, but things didn't go the way he expected, the same people when sat in front of that committee decided to tell the committee what had really happened and how they were scared that their families would be in danger if they said any thing. all this was published on Abtahi's blog today and this will upset Mortazavi big time. I remember right after he killed Zahra Kazemi, The Canadian Iranian photo journalist, I a long with a friend published an article about him in Toronto Star, the main newspaper of Toronto, and published his pic for the first time in Canada, back then I thought after all he had done and was made public, the leader would be a bit ashamed and remove him, but shame has no place in dictatorships and he is still on and he still tortures people day after day after day.