Thursday, January 06, 2005

Change of Plans, good friends and Hoder is my buddy.

I have always believed that good parents and good friends are the most important assets one can have in life! I sound like grand fathers now! , but really, just yesterday I met one of my best friends in Canada, he is finishing his Ph. D in political Science this year and is a very good writer and has published his articles in Glob and Mail and some other prestigious newspapers in Canada. Every time I see him he has some crucial suggestions for me regarding my career and future studies and helps me out a lot, consequently I always get shocked on what a great impression he leaves on me. Total change in my graduation , post grad and work plans is one direct impact of meeting him yesterday. I might work in one of the media here for one year before I go to Grad school and not rush to graduate this year so I could bring up my average by taking a few easier courses next year. The goal is to get accepted in a more prestigious grad school than those in Toronto and for that goal you always need some work experience in related fields in north America.

Oh and Hossein, I posted some thing about the reply he sent me regarding editing photo. This is a problem with writing, you cant convey the tone, if you heard me saying that, you would see that I was joking and wasn't mad at Hossein at all, and he didn't really say I should go die or any thing, that was kind of my expression, I'll copy paste what he said, but nevertheless, Hossein has been and is a very good friend of mine since we met 4 years ago, I have always found my self in agreement with him in a lot of grounds and always supported him when people were merely jealous of his success. So don't get me wrong, yes he might a bit straightforward, and we Iranians generally don't like that, but after 4 years of friendship I know him enough to like him a lot. And here is what he said:

Hossein Derakhshan
to me

Baba chera BMP ferestadi? 9 MB bood marde hesaabi!Ask B.....[had to hide this name for the sake of national security] about image file formats, for God's sake, boy! :)