Saturday, January 08, 2005

Iranian of the year and the white vote. Has started a polling for choosing the Iranian of the year, Hossein Derakhshan is one of them, I voted for him, mostly because I think he has made a lot of difference in the last few years by introducing new ways of embracing individuality which is core issue in our culture.
you can go here and vote for one of the candidates.

As I have mentioned before, in an article in Ghasedak I defended the idea that every election in Iran is an opportunity and even if we are in the side of those who don't believe in this system at all or those who's candidate is disqualified and barred from running, we should still take advantage of an election and vote "white" and in that article I explained that imagine 30 Million voting and 20 million of them(the same vote Khatami got) vote white, wouldn't that be such a victory and a referendum by itself? As some one who supports Dr. Moein and would vote white if he wasn't running, now I hear the same idea of "taking advantage of elections no matter what" from prominent reformists who support Moein, like Mr. Behzad Nabavi, who has the same suggestion with a slightly different format, he says we will ask people to vote for Moein, even if he was barred from running, or basically turn this election to a NO or a referendum against the regime that doesn't like free elections. I totally think this could change a lot if progressive forces and youth in Iran came to consensus over it. So we can start from now and ask people to vote for Moein in the coming election, no matter what, even if he was barred from running, and turn this election to another NO to Khamanei, and don't tell me, what next, we have to go step by step, each NO counts.
نبوی عضو ارشد سازمان مجاهدین انقلاب: ا

باید صریحا معین را معرفی کنیم و در صورتیکه شورای نگهبان وی را رد کرد بطور گسترده اعلام کنیم که ما در انتخابات به کاندیدای پنهان خودمان که اسمش در لیست نامزدهای نهایی غایب است رای خواهیم داد