Tuesday, May 17, 2005


For the first time Canadian politics is getting a bit exciting. In the last 72 hours leading to Thursday budget vote in parliament, Belinda Stronach, the rich, moderate and newcomer member of conservative party crossed the floor and is now not only a liberal party member but also assumed a cabinet position in Pual Martin's team. This has the greatest implications that one "party change" could possibly have. I cant imagine what Steven Harper is going through in these hours and what he is gana do with such a body blow. With this move, Belinda not only might be able to save the budget and the government with changing the numbers from 152 for conservatives-bloc and 150 Liberal-NDP to 151 and 151. In her conference she kept saying Conservative party is a young party and will mature in time! This is the worse image Steven Harper could possibly be portrayed with by one of his famous party members. I am an NDP supporter myself but I get quit excited whenever Harper's ass is kicked.