Saturday, March 19, 2005

To Bush and the Iranian Supreme Leader, Khamenei:

March 19th, 1951. Dr. Mosadeq, Then a member of Parliament marked a historic victory for Iranian people and nationalized the oil industry and drove the British oil company out. 2 month later he was the prime minister of Iran and of course US/UK backed military coup brought him down 28 month later and supported the king again. And till this date, our nation is still under the oppression of dictators after dictators, and also has to face the danger of another kind of foreign intervention. I think it is a good move that some of our blogger friends called today, march 19th the "national sovereignty day" and asked all of us to post HANDS OFF IRAN slogan on top of here, but I think we have to make it clear that by HANDS we mean both Iranian supreme leader's hands that is providing excuse for US to start another aggression and neo conservative's hands in Washington who are equally insan. Today even Mr. Abtahi questioned the necessity of enrichment uranium and this whole technology in his blog. So I as one who sees no point in creating tension in the expense of Iranian people just so that our unpopular regime gets to stay in power, will say: HANDS OFF IRAN both to KHAMAMEI and BUSH.