Sunday, March 13, 2005

Important new developments; Another WAR?

Just hours ago London Times of UK, published a news article about Ariel Sharon, Israeli Prime Minister issuing initial authorization for an air attack to Iran. This being published in London times as a legitimate source is extremely worrying. I also saw this analysis about the news, that claimed Iranian officials have come to the table with some new compromises such as giving up most of their fuel cycle.
Therefore, there are a few possibilities here, first one that this news was published merely for the purpose of scaring Islamic Republic in these crucial moments of negotiations. Iran is in a position that can have a limited response to Israel in case of an attack and that would be a complete disaster for Israeli and Iran. So I always doubted that Israelis would do that themselves. Unless the plan is for the US to get involved only if Iran tried to retaliate.

Second possibility: one could argue that Iran does not like to do any thing under the pressure posed by Israel, so if in fact as Direland reports, our regime is finally realizing how dangerous this path is and have decided to give up the fuel cycle for now, then this news could be that wants to disturb this process forward as well, because some war mangers in US and Israel would not like to see a real deal made, so every time Iran comes close to signing an agreement, they would leak such information to the main media outlets, so Iran would be seen by its own public and others to be frightened by Israel and that is the last thing ideologue clerics in Tehran would want to be seen as. So they might pull back from their initial attempts to compromise.
Either way, I think the ball is in our governments field, they can still get us out of this mess if they are not so selfish and stupid. A bloody fuel cycle is not worth our stability and security and peace in the region.