Tuesday, March 15, 2005


به نظر من اين خيلي پيشنهاده خوبي ست که تا وقت داريم به اينجا بريم و از گوگل بخواهيم که لوگوشون را براي نوروز تغيير بدهند. من اين متن را نوشتم؛ شما هم چند ثانيه وقت بگذاريد و چند کلمه به زبان خودتان بنويسيد

As an Iranian who uses Gmail, blogspot, Orkut and Google's search engine, I like to ask you to consider adding some of our New Year symbols to google's logo on March 20th as you did in Chinese new years and other occasions. Our new years is called "Norouz" and starts with the beginning of spring on March 20th and is also declared "The Earth Day" by the UN, is celebrated by millions of Iranians, Afghanis and people of Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Kurdish population of Iraq and Turkey. Over 150 million people in the world do celebrate this event. Grass, Gold fish in bowl and flowers are the main symbols of our new years table. You can find them on line and use them in the logo if you decided to do so.

thank you
Bahman Kalbasi