Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Last 48 hours in US politics is one to watch and feel disgusted even more by right wing religious fundamentalist Christians, they are so powerful that they rallied Republicans in the congress to hold an emergency meeting to pass a law, not to combat terrorism or to aid people affected by a natural disaster, but to allow federal courts to get involved with a case of a brain dead body of 15 years and overturn the Florida court ruling that ordered to end the suffering of this body. And then Bush flies from Texas on midnight Sunday to sign the bill! I really find it ridicules and hypocritical when the very same congress had on the very same day passed a bill to cut millions of dollars for social programs such as giving care to disable people, And Bush, he is the same person who didn’t bother flying to the white house when he got a report back in August 2001 saying: "Al-Quida planning to strike US.",
And no matter how this story ends, this is a win win situation for Bush and Republicans, They have once more proven to be the one sharing their-religious right- "values", let alone that this recent example of "value" (pro-life) basically says: "doesn’t matter if you are poor or you don’t have health care or you are a dead body with no feeling and a heart beating, what matters is that you have to stay "ALIVE"! at all circumstances(doesnt apply to Iraqis or people of Africa who die of Aids every minute or...), And the worse part of the story is that just yesterday another Columbine like shooting happened in another school in Minnesota and 9 students were killed again by a kid, only this time it is in a "native (Indian) reserve area" and you can see how media in US are so slave to ratings-if not racist- that they are paying the least of attention to this tragedy and wasting so much prime time news on this court case.