Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Bush's State of the Union and Iran

Okay mostly same old stuff, but regarding Iran, Bush made two changes this time, first of all he singled out Iran and didn't put it near Syria or any other country, and also Iranian people were addressed separately:" And to the Iranian people, I say tonight: As you stand for your own liberty, America stands with you." , Some body tell this guy the best help he can give is to stop supporting us and shut up for a while. But overall my feeling was that he tried to distance him self from the recent strong signals and news about plans to attack Iran, He also stated he was going to work with EU in their negotiations, all this in my opinion is only an strategic change in tactic to ease the pressure, but he certainly has his hidden agenda developing simultaneously. But it is partly an achievement of the reactions to Seymour Hersh's article that showed there is little room for maneuvers like a new wave of war threats at this time. One other claim that Bush keeps repeating is that Iran is the biggest sponsor of terrorism, even if we stick to the definition that Bush has for terrorism, Saudi Arabia is the biggest sponsor of terrorism. They funded Al Quida for almost 15 years and some elements of Saudis continue to sympathies with them and they are the primary sponsor of insurgency in Iraq because in their eyes a Shia controlled Iraq is as if Iraq is no longer part of the Arab world. Whereas Iran was really the only country in middle east that desired this election to go forward peacefully in Iraq. Nevertheless we have to continue pressuring our own government to give up plans to enrich uranium and cooperate with EU and in the other hand raise awareness among North Americans that war and quick attacks will only help the Iranian right wing fundamentalist Mullahs.

P.S: For sure read the Article in Global Agenda by Ervand Abrahamian here. It basically makes the very basic arguments that I and so many pro-reform pro-peace Iranian activists and blogers have been making.