Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Presidential Election(4) خاتمى معاون اول معين

Good news, Reza Khatami, who is the brother of current President is chosen to become Dr. Moein's running mate as Americans put it or Vice president should Dr. Moein win the election. I think this was a bold and encouraging move on part of the reformists. Dr. Reza Khatami is a physician educated in UK, has the advantage of being the more radical brother of Khatami the president and has a very open minded and brave wife, she is ironically the grand daughter of Ayatollah Khomeini , but her comments about freedom and how she thinks the current President, her brother in law, is too weak and slow in moving people's demand for freedom forward, has made her famous. Any how I think this is a very good move.

1- I don't think by saying that it is a good news that Reza Khatami is vice president, means he is has the best record of public service. But the question is, who does?

2-We all have to remember that in 21 century, it is the civil society that makes the difference, if the worse person is chosen president or vice president or to any other position, but they face an organized civil society that holds their feet to the fire, they will have to comply, same goes for other way around, if the best ones are elected and there is no civil society to remind them of their promises and their duties, they will give into the pressure of powerful interest groups of all kinds.