Friday, January 28, 2005

Sina and Bush

Sina Rahmani is this young, energetic and very active Iranian student which has lived most of his life in Canada. So more of a Canadian guy, I find a lot in common with his free spirit, blunt language and consistency that he shows in his activism, although I don't agree with all the things ha says, since I find him too far to the left, a bit disconnected from Iran's realities(understandably so) and also the way he thinks the world revolves around Palestinian resistance to occupation. Despite all this, he sent this very cool e-mail to our e-mail list which I cant resist posting here:

"I think two of the great ironies of history is there will be a Palestinian state and a democratic Iraq showing the way forward for people who desperately want to be free," the president said. He particularly praised Mahmoud Abbas, the new Palestinian leader, as a man who "has the will of the people with him, and that inspires leaders."

-George W. Bush,New York Times, January 28.

Does he even know what irony is?


P.S: Sina responded to my post on his blog: