Saturday, January 29, 2005

NO TO WAR, NO TO BOMBING,سايه جنگ را دور کنيم

Hamed started an important discussion in his Persian Blog, we should all be ready to mobiles our forces to shape the public opinion before it is too late, obviously neo conservatives and right wing in Israel are planning for an attack on Iran of some sort, we all know we can not afford any more instability, we also know how any military action will rally every one behind the regime and is extremely damaging to democratic movement in Iran. I think blogs as Hamed said, need to start working on this, we have two separate audience, Iranian public and the regime and US public and news media, Persian web logs will be more successful to work on the Iran's side of the equation and English blogs will have to address the North American audience. We must make sure that Bush and his hawks cant mislead the public so easily again.