Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Paper Paper

Last week of March and first two weeks of April are perhaps the worse time of school year, Paper after paper after paper! Some times I just want to stop! Can not go on any more, Spring seems to have also arrived in Torornto, and I want to go out and of course I can't, and for some reason things always start to go wrong around the same time, things that I seem to have no control over! Reading and writing "love poetry" is some times my cure, when I tried that one last night, I felt even more depressed! Today I am going to try another method, I am going to ignore all the papers and the depressing reality of getting a cold shoulder from certain people! And go for a long walk, A kind of walk that you take when spring is finally here and you want to welcome it and say how much you were waiting for it! A kind of walk that helps you regain your self esteem!