Thursday, March 31, 2005

Zahra Kazemi

بازتاب گسترده اطلاعات منتشر شده از طرف دکتر شهريار اعظم که زهرا کاظمي را معاينه کرد در تلويزيون کانادا را همراه با کليپ ويدويي ايبجا ببينيد. اين هم عکسي که يکي از اصلي ترين روزنامه هاي کانادا با توضيحات کامل در روي صفحه اولش انداخته. دکتر اعظم پس از پناهندگي خود و خانواده اش به کانادا در يک کنفرانس خبري جزييات وحشتناک شکنجه بدني و تجاوز جنسي در زندان جمهوري اسلامي زير نظر قاضي مرتضوي را فاش کرد. قاضي مرتضوي و ارباباش از اين کثافت کاري ها زياد کردند. اميدوارم خون اين يکي گردنشون را بگيره

In the picture you can see the well-done front page by Globe and Mail today. This prestigious newspaper once more reminded every one of the brutalities of the right-wing fraction of Islamic Republic in the judiciary of Iran. This is the legacy of Saeed Mortazavei the chief prosecutor of Tehran. Islamic judiciary of Iran's government has victimized countless of Iranian journalist, political activists and students with similar inhuman methods. Supreme Leader of Iran is the one really responsible for all this, because, not only he supported the chief prosecutor but also ordered his appointment to this position from a low level judge with a history of abuse, oppression and violating human rights. Here is the CBC televison report on it. Click on the picture for enlargement.