Saturday, April 02, 2005

I hate April Fools!

I really hate it! first of all I was so naive to believe Hossein in the first moment I read his blog, and you have got to admit it was written very well, but the worse was yet to come, I, in result of lack of creativity, pull the same April Fools on some body else hours later and consequently my Friday becames a hell! Running around wondering what is it in me that makes me go mad some times! I think the worse feeling of all, is when you are angry of your self for being so stupid, and that there is no one to blame but your self!..But I think we humans(at least me) finally will find some thing or some one to blame. So yesterday I came to the conclusion, that I hate April Fools and its all the fault of this day and Hossein as well for giving me this idea..I think I feel better now!

قربون امام خودمون؛ ما يک هفته بعد از مرگ تعطيل بوديم؛ اينهمه اينها شلوغ مي کنند براي پاپ ؛بعد از مرگش يک ساعت هم جايي را تعطيل نمي کنند