Monday, April 25, 2005

Below is an e-mail I received from an opponent of mine in the monarchist camp who didn't like my article in Open Democracy, The language used in this e-mail is one that makes us think whether this language is any different from that used by fundamentalists who rule Iran?

Mr. Kalbasi,

Either you are paid agent of the IRI or you are a total idiot or even worse you can be both. For a so called student activist you are nothing but a disgusting dishonour to the youth of our country.
If you spend your time going from meeting to meeting then you must be some sort of a professional trouble maker both inside and outside the country making a mockery of true freedom lovers. Sure If you pay I am willing to spend time (all 63 days) in prison to make it look like I am one of them.

Do you think that people are bunch of shmock on wheels to believe that garbage? Your article was nothing but a sharade of crap that has been cast by the propaganda machine of the IRI and your name is now associated to that machine of lies and deception.

Isfahanis are world known to be perfidious and you certainly are no exception to the rule. Instead of making a case for democracy your spending your time putting down the constitutional monarhist movement. Funny how it comes back biting your sour ass isn't it?
If monrchists were that unpopular how is it that their message has found resonance in the ears and hearts of Iranians after 26 years of hell.

Again you are either too dumb to figure out that by talking about the "enemy" you are making them more relevant and by making them more relevant the current system in Iran is edging cloder to the abyss. All in all you have the age of the revolution and it shows that after 26years nothing good has come out of that revolt not even a voice of reason or intelligence of some sort form within Iran that could possibly stir the nation into the right direction.

Given that you still think that reforming the IRI is much better than a free and fair referendum for all Iranians to participate and set the course for the future in the right path?Yes my friend don't take this personaly you truly are and idiot!


E. Valavi