Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Open Democracy is an online global magazine of politics and culture. It is an American magazine. It is hosting a symposium in which Iranians from many backgrounds and with differing political allegiances talk about ways of seeking the best way forward to democracy, freedom and justice for Iran. I also wrote some thing in Englsih that was published. You can see it Here.

مجله آمريکايي (اوپن دمکراسي) يک بحث در مورد دمکراسي در ايران به بهانه فراخوان رفراندم راه انداخته. اولين مقاله را مغز اصلي پشت قضيه رفراندم آقاي سازگارا نوشته و بعد هم چند نفر که خيلي از من آدم حسابي تر هستند در تاييد و رد حرفهاي سازگارا مقاله دادند. من هم در مخالفت يک مقاله دادم که مي توانيد بخونيد اينجا