Thursday, December 30, 2004

When Hoder gets angry

When I was down in LA, I went to visit my friends in Irvine, south of Los Angeles. Hossein Derakshan was there to attend a gathering with some of the persian bloggers in that area, so we showed up too, while I was there I toke a picture that I sent to Hossein yesterday, okey and I am a complete idiot when it comes photo editing, so I just attached the pic I got in Irvine for Hossein the way I had downloaded it from my Camera, and here is Hoder replying that I should go and basically die since I dont know how to edit photos. Now should I go and die?
oh and last might that I slept on my own bed after 18 days, I had this dream that some body is breaking up with me over the phone. I hate dreams like that and I hate when people break up over the phone, so I am not gana call that somebody till I receive a call, I usually cant keep resolutions like that, Just a feeling..