Monday, December 27, 2004

Christmas and polls

I got some very cool stuff for Christmas, I know I know, I am not religious nor is the one who gave me the gifts and has the tree, but we both just like the lights and the idea of exchanging gifts. That is why I tend to say happy holidays to others. Back to the what I got as gifts, first was the book “America; A citizen’s guide to democracy inaction” by the famous comedian John Stewart. Then was the CD and DVD of Josh Groban way favorite singer and finally a cool iPod with $40 subscription to iTunes for as long as I am a good boy!! So I could download music into the iPod. So it was a very good Christmas and I am happy I came back from LA on time!!!
Oh since I always have to make a comment about politics as well, I saw this poll on Gooya News, asking people to vote for who they think is the most popular politician in today Iran, in and out of country. Although they had a line of names of some known people inside and out side of Iran, some that I my self know in person and like a lot, I still voted “neither”, because I don’t like this way of polling, the question is so vague, the most popular politician might not be the best to be elected to office, especially in a dictatorship like Iran, so many politicians are famous simply because they are outspoken oppositions, that does NOT make them the best to become the head of state. So all that makes these questions meaning less.. let alone the flaws that these on line polls have.. But if u really wanted to vote, I think Ezat ollah Sahabi is a great man who thinks of Iran and its interest at all times..