Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Amoo behrang, Nazli, Shabe Yalda and LA

It has been a very nice 5 days in LA so far, although there was a few not so much good news today, one was my Grade from my 3 credit course which was disappointing, I spent so much time on the research essay and yet she-I never liked my women professors- gave me an unexpected low mark, and then there was my credit card which I had here with me and was denied yesterday when I was trying to pay in a restaurant and when I called them I was told that some one with a new method-Which I had heard before- used my credit card number and created a duplicate one, now I don't have a credit card till I go back to Toronto. Shabe Yalda , I had watermelon and read Hafez with my Aunt and Uncle and 2 cute cousins, At the same time one of my best friend, Amoo Behrang's 30th birthday was last night as well, he was born in shabe Yalda, I missed the late night gathering of my friends in their house since I am not in Toronto. Same Amoo Behrang and my dear friend Nazli have also activated their webloges, I should congratulate them here. And on top of all that I miss my Pishy so much. Cant wait to hug my pishy on Friday..