Thursday, December 09, 2004

Khatami and Students..

A lot has been made of Khatami- The so-called Reformist President of Iran – visiting the university and giving speech to his traditional supporters, maybe for the last time in his 8 years of presidency since it is all coming to an end in Spring 2005. The way students who are his old supporters that voted for him and his allies in Parliament and suffered more than any other social and political pro-democracy group, treated him (this was one long Persian sentence translated to English in my head) has made a lot of noise. I don’t think there was any surprise there, I mean we cant get our hands on Mr. Khamanei the supreme leader, so we might as well blame the guy who is more democrat and dares to give a speech to an unfiltered crowed of angry students. The question is what next? Again another hero has fallen in our history, another perfect guy of 6 years ago that we were all ready to follow him where ever he takes us and give an standing ovation to what ever he says, is no longer popular and we have to interrupt every sentence that he is trying to say by chanting “stop laying stop laying” or “Khatami we regret our vote for you” as he said him self, he will soon be gone for good, and we the legitimately angry new generation of Iran again have no idea what is going to happen next and have no plans to confront is simply a sad story of a nation and I am glad at least this powerless President is there to sit in front of u and take some of the blame, this will claim us down for a bit I am sure….