Wednesday, December 08, 2004

National Treasure and Referendum!!!

Just came back from this movie, national treasure, it was funny and nice, I like Nicolas Cage because he rarely disappoints me, the last movie I saw from him was “Matchstick Men” which he played a similar role to this one we saw tonight. If you have extra time in your hand and you don’t want to get stressed out by some horror movie or an extremely emotional one, then you should go and see National Treasure.

Oh by the way in one of the yahoo groups I am member of, and it belongs to Iranian students in University of Toronto, there was a serious discussion over the latest call for referendum by some student activists and a few reformist political figures, and I was and am against the whole idea, so IAUT decided to make the issue the topic for discussion in this coming Saturday. So I am going to talk as the NO side and some one else is going to argue in favore of the idea….I’ll write about it here later..