Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I remember when I was in Iran 5 years ago, Some young people in Tehran specially, had started to celebrate Valentines, At first I didn't like it and I thought it is going too far in copying western customs and that we can have our own day of "love", obviously people didn't listen to me and this custom became very popular in Iran perhaps and partly because of the oppression of the system on male-female relationship and that people wanted to react, yesterday I was shocked to see that this new wave of youth in Iran is so powerful that even Mr. Abtahi in his blog posted a picture of a love sign on Valentines day, on top of that when I got home around noon yesterday, I saw this beautiful flower box at the door step of my house, I was surprised and immediately reached for the card on it and it was from the one that I love and loves me in return. So now, I am completely pro Valentine, don't you just love this flower box and selection of its colors?