Friday, February 18, 2005

Going to Shajareian tonight!

After I heard my Father has to have an open heart surgery- As my Mom tires to calm me down and says: " It is not "open",they have new methods"- I can't concentrate on any thing, I have this book that I have to review for Monday and I am still stuck in the first pages. I am always like this, when I have some thing serious to think about, even though I can't do any thing toward it, but still I will become incapable of doing any thing else, it basically halts my daily life, remind me to erase this if I went for a job interview, my future boss doesn't need to know this. One thing I am doing tonight however is to go to a concert and listen to Shajarian and Ali Zadeh, Masters of Persian music and relax a bit after all that has been going on this week.