Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Finnaly I am writing as well..

Three years ago when I met Hossein Derakhshan in Toronto he had just started his Persian Web log, he explained the idea and encouraged me to start my own and share my experience in prison back in Iran as one of many students who went through that ordeal in the recent years. I agreed but never really did it simply because I never learned how to type in Persian and was too lazy to learn it. But ever since, I have been a loyal and daily reader of so many web loges both in Persian and English, and always mentioned this modern phenomena in my interviews here and there as an indication of the fundamental disagreements that the new generation of Iran has with the values imposed on them and that they take every opportunity to express their dissatisfaction with the state of affairs in all the social, cultural and political aspects of it. Why did I finally start? Well the inability to type in Persian stands, but my English has improved enough, so here it goes an English Web Log –at least for now, maybe bilingual later on- from an Iranian-Canadian boy, who will turn 26 on Feb 11th 2005, Ironically the exact day that Iranian revolution against the dictatorship of monarch succeeded and transferred the power in Iran to a religious dictatorship. Why did I start writing today? Because I am a citizen of this world with particular concerns for my home land, and some thing I saw a few hours ago frustrated me,so I called Hossein to ask him to write about the matter, in response he got really mad and said: “you lazy! Why cant u just start your own web log and write the same thing?” So I wrote about it , it is called: "Anti Arab"