Thursday, March 03, 2005

Isfahan....He is my MP

I was going to write about Scotland and how great would it be if we could all go backpacking there in Spring and this travel guide I have from Scotland, but Since some body is in California and is extending the stay for another 5 days, I am going to write about Isfahan. The beautiful city of eastern world, one that still feels like a museum when you walk in it, Being from Isfahan and having lived in that lovely city has put me through so many valuable experiences. The harmony of the little allies and the old beautiful houses like the one of my grandmother, those historic bridges and the indescribable square of "Naghsheh Jahan", all make me miss it sooo much, and don't ask why I wont just sit in the plane and go back...! I remember when I was helping with the campaign of reformist candidates of the city in 2000 parliamentary election, I was close to two of the five in reformist slate, specifically, one was my own professor in university and the other was a journalist, these two were different from the other three and today one of them who is now not only a former MP after being illegally barred by the right winger fundamentalist clerics in 2004 elections, but also in the league of families who experienced the difficult days and months of one member of it being detained for their firm commitment to freedom of speech and democracy, has started a blog. His son was among the recent series of arrests and was released after the details of torture in their case were revealed. here is his blog.